Ensoniq EPS SCSI board

I picked up an old ensoniq eps not too long ago and have so far been enjoying it like crazy. I replaced the floppy drive with a USB emulator and picked up all the parts to do an internal scsi2sd installation and just discovered… I don’t have the scsi expansion board, I just have the 4x memory expansion.

It’s my fault for assuming things, I knew the 4x came without the scsi option but I saw the scsi plug on the back and the ribbon cable inside and assumed I had a scsi expansion in there. But on closer inspection… Nope.

I know these things can be hard to come by on their own, but I’m in a bind, all the scsi2sd parts can’t be used until I find the scsi expander.

So, I had a stroke of luck. There’s a guy in Sweden who is making clones of the original memory expander and scsi boards for the EPS and EPS-16. If you find yourself in my situation you need to look up ZiN Circuits on Facebook and he can help you out.

He’s doing it as a hobby so he doesn’t have any real storefront, just his Facebook page, but he’s quick to respond and knows his Ensoniqs.