Ensoniq ESQ-1 Battery Replace Still Low Battery

Hi there. I ordered an ESQ-1 battery from here and just took a few hours to swap the battery. I turned the synth back on afterwards and I’m still getting the low battery message. I factory reset it, same thing.

I made sure to put the battery in the correct orientation. Does anyone know why this may be happening?

I’m assuming that you checked the new battery with a voltmeter to make sure it was at full potential? Sometimes batteries that hang around for years lose charge…


Sorry, got busy with work. I hadn’t checked before since I wrongly assumed it would work. I will check now

Okay now I’m really confused. The battery is measuring above 3.3 Volts DC

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Do you have everything put back together? If the keybed is left disconnected for example the Low Battery warning may still not go away.

I know this is old, but I kept the synth on for months to keep the patch memory. The synth worked fine during that time. I decided to open it up and add more solder per someone’s suggestion. Now the synth constantly says low battery. I don’t know if the battery was shipped to me originally with low voltage but it looks like I’m going to have to try again with a new battery.

If the btter is still good then It could be a bad solder joint or a broken trace

There are other problems that can cause the low battery message. Check out page 9 of the service manual, it has some info about tracing down the problem. If the battery measured around 3 V then the battery is good and your synth may have a problem elsewhere.