Ensoniq Esq-1 blank screen after battery replacement

Hey everyone! I’m new here and I have an issue that I hope y’all can figure out. I’m stumped! I have an Esq1 that has been performing perfectly for years. The low battery warning has been coming on so I figured I would replace it. I’ve done this before in my other esq1 and never had a problem until now. Battery replacement went okay…but when I put it all back together I have a blank screen. Any suggestions??

Hey, welcome to the forum!

There’s a high chance it’s something to do with the connection between the mainboard and display board, it can be a bit finicky on some Ensoniqs. Check and make sure everything is as it should be and try reseating connectors. Also reseat connectors between the display board and power supply.

Does the synth still make sounds or is it totally unresponsive?

if you connect the display ribbon cable incorrectly you will pop a fuse. That fuse protects against just such a situation.
Check the fuses.

Ok thanks for the info! I rechecked everything and found a bad solder connection at one of the posts on the ribbon cable. Now, I fixed that back in January…now I have a problem with 6 keys not making sound. They worked fine last week. Went down tonite to practice and found that some of the keys are dead, no sound. Every other F# and every other D and every other B Weird???

Hi - I’m having the same issue. I have been using my ESQ1 (metal frame) for several years now with no issue. Got the low battery message and bought the appropriate battery, which I soldered it in today. After reconnecting everything, the ESQ1 powered up and asked me to do a soft reset which I did – but I got no sound. I then thought I may have put the keyboard ribbon in backwards, so I tried the other way. No change in behavior. I tried a few more after this (re-solder battery, cleaned connections, reseated all ribbons, etc). Now the display screen is only saying “Ensoniq” and if i leave it on, one letter at time begins to dispear … “Ensoni”… “Enson”… etc.
Any ideas?
Please note: I’m no tech here :slight_smile: , but I’ve done plenty of battery changes over the years with my gear.

I’d say you need to get some help at this point. no offence intended but to help you to fix this and avoid making the situation worse. the fact that you ‘trial and errored’ the cables suggests you are not likely to solve this issue but make things a lot worse.