Ensoniq ESQ-M not turning on

The other day I stumbled upon a used ESQ-M at my local charity store. The thing is this is a 110v unit so it was sold untested (I live in a 220v country). But as they were only asking 10 euros for it, I bought it and ordered the proper power transformer. At this price, I suspected the unit would be problematic but it’s actually not turning on at all. No lights, no display, no sound, not even a click upon switching on, no hum, no heat… The unit is super clean inside and no fuses are blown. Who/what should I suspect as being the culprit?

I’m guessing it’s a power supply issue, and I’m curious where you found a power transformer for it. Is it specifically for a 220-volt ESQ-M?

I would test the power supply for the correct output voltages; this will require a voltmeter, and the service manual. If nothing on the unit is coming on, then it sounds like the power supply is not feeding the correct voltages out.

Did you check all the fuses on the power supply for continuity? Sometimes a visual inspection won’t detect a blown fuse.

I think he bought a 220V to 110V transformer.

Yes, I bought a proper 220V to 110V external transformer with sufficent watt power but I also bought a replacement ESQ internal 110V power supply/transformer, just in case mine was toast… But in the end, all I had to do is change a blown fuse. Will have to change the internal battery some day but this ESQ-M is finally ok! Thanks anyway for your help.