Ensoniq KS-32 display out

I’m aware of the reinitialize hard boot reset for Ensoniq KS-32. Occasionally it would glitch and read gibberish on the display, so I would reinitialize. It no longer works so um guessing the display board is out? Would this be a plug and play board I could source and simply replace? If so once doing so would original factory settings work after reinitialize?

Found a display board at Syntaur store but it is $160 and not sure if I should spend any more trying to breathe new life into this keyboard.

Does it output any audio if you play it ?
The keyboard cover is relatively easy to open. I suggest you the following.


open the hood/top cover (6 screws if i remeber correctly) , inspect and reseat the internal connecters on the main board. See if there are any blown fuses on the power supply side. That is the simplest troubleshooting you can do.

Remember, NEVER connect the power cable with the hood is open, NEVER.


Thanks so much. I did all of this and reseated and checked fuses and it is again working. You just saved me from having a giant paperweight.

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Glad to hear it worked out for you.