Ensoniq KS-32 Squeaky Keys (and some clacking)

I just pulled my KS-32 out from 20 yrs of non-use, and while it works OK, half of the Fatar hammer action keys are squeaky. Also some of them suffered early on from the “clack” syndrome, where some little plastic thing breaks off, and the weight makes a clack sound. And there’s bits of plastic rolling around inside my keyboard! My KS-32 was a very early model, and apparently this was typical of the early Fatars. I’m actually more concerned about the squeaks though.

MY QUESTION IS… how easy is it to disassemble the keybed and clean or lubricate the mechanisms? I mean, on a level of 1-10 of hassle & difficulty? Also… if i do get it apart. What is a proper lubricant to stop the squeaking? It feels like the squeak is from the rubbing of the hammer mechanism.

I’m asking now before I open it up and get too deep into it… Is it even doable?

Many thanks!.. Miro.

Not to have answered my own question, but I did just find your brief explanation of key disassembly on the Ensoniq ZR76, which I assume is probably the same Fatar mechanism as the KS-32.

… Miro.