Ensoniq KT76 key

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Trying to get nasty mechanical sounds out of the KT76, broken parts came out. Some hammer weights I’m happy to find here (https://syntaur.com/Items.php?Item=4207)
I might need some keys. But I am not familiar with replacing the keys, Do you have a trick for replacing keys, how to demount the keys at all?

Thanks in advance, greetings from The Netherlands.


You have to remove the bottom panel of the KT-76 to get to the keybed. Note that the six screws along the front edge of the panel are different from the others - don’t get them mixed up. Then you’ll need to remove the main board, and the pitch bend/mod wheel panel. Next, remove the screws that attach the keybed, then the keybed should slide toward the back of the KT, and then lift out.

Replacing a key is not difficult - you use a small flat-blade screwdriver to press on a tab at the back of the key (actually on the key pivot), and this will allow you to pull the back of the key upward. Then you can maneuver it out. The new key goes in the same way, and snaps into place on the key pivot.

Replacing a hammer weight is more tedious (and a tab on the hammer weight is usually what breaks, leading to a clunking sound when you play that key). There are two sections of hammer weights under the keys, each built around a metal rod that all of the weights pivot on. You’ll need to remove the whole section that contains the broken weight. Then you need to slide weights off one end of the rod, until you get to the one that is broken. Then, it’s time to slide all the weights back onto the rod, and sometimes you have to fight with the felt to get them to go on nicely.

Good luck with the repair!

Much thanks man, understand exactly what you mean with the Pivot.

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Hope you have some great info again. Would you know is the keys of a kt76 can be cleaned in the dishwasher?

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I’ve wondered that too, but never tried it. The concern is whether the dishwasher heats up enough to melt and deform the keys. A sink full of warm water and dish soap will definitely work well.