Ensoniq Mirage dsk-1 not reading floppy, playing spanish radio?

Haven’t seen any issue like this with this sampler. Received a Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 from my dad’s buddy. Everything seems normal on it, nothing cosmetically wrong with it. It turns on when you plug it in, out put seems to be working BUT, when it is turned (no diskette in at all), just turned on and plugged into an amp, it plays spanish radio… no clue why it’s playing anything at all since there’s no diskette in.

Not sure if I just need a new floppy disk reader or if the synth is just dead. But, it does turn on and the light flashes with the “nd” like it would on a normal working one. Any suggestions?

Was your dad’s buddy in Wall of Voodoo?

Ya know, at first I was like “well this isn’t helpful” but, this was pretty funny not gonna lie haha

Any conductor can behave as an antenna, including the sampler chassis. So It’s likely a fault in the grounding of the sampler. Are you using a three-prong power cable? If so and you’re still picking up radio interference there could be a fault internally. It could also be the connection between your amp and sampler, try another cable or amp if you can. Also plugging your audio gear into one power strip rather than different wall outlets can help minimize issues like this.