Ensoniq Mirage problem with keyboard (MIDI in works)


Among other things I own an Ensoniq Mirage keyboard model DSK-8 which has problems with the keyboard. It sounds as if the modulation wheel is open 100% all the time. I’ve tested the modulation and pitch wheel and they seem to work correctly (i.e. they emit the correct voltage). Everything breaks before the MIDI multiplexer (or so I think that is called), i.e. I can play it with MIDI in just fine.

I’m afraid it’s the IC close to where the keyboard is connected but perhaps it’s something more simple. I cleaned and reseated everything but for now it’s still a glorified rack version that I put on it’s side to function in that way.

One dead giveaway might be that it also takes a whole lot longer than expected to boot up (easily 45s-1 minute).

If anyone has some tips how I should approach this problem it’d be greatly appreciated. I don’t use it often at all but it just annoys me that it’s broken.

Thank you,

  • Niels