Ensoniq Mirage: "uD" error on valid floppies

Hello everyone,

So i just acquired an ensoniq Mirage, I was happy about it until it arrived at my place with hits and bumps, rattling noises from plastic pieces holding the screw, etc…
The whole thing turns on no problem about it, but it wont read the floppies that came with it… (Including the Formatting disk and the OS), it shows the message “uD” for unformatted disk…
There is a bend below the floppy drive so I suspect that the drive is somehow dead, but can anyone help me with it all ?
Thank you in advance!

Right. That definitely sounds like a bad floppy drive. Next steps are to search for that same model floppy drive online or wait until it’s in stock here I guess. Same floppy drive will work from a SQ80 also.
Of course a cheaper option is to get a GoTek USB Floppy emulator. You will like that better in the long run anyway.


thanks for the reply! I replace the floppy drive and it works now!
Still have to repair all the bumps and broken parts but still i can use it now!

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