Ensoniq MR 61 questions!

Hello! I’m new to posting on forums and about to hit my 67th birthday and decided to get back into doing a little music again so if I ask something that sounds a little odd please bear with me. I own a Ensoniq MR61 that I bought brand new when they first came out in 1996. Over the years I’ve created many songs and track ideals on the 16 track sequencer that were saved to floppy disc from the MR’s disc drive, so I have lots of floppies. I just purchased an Akai mpc one which also has a sequencer and comes with a DAW. So while on Amazon, I saw a floppy reader that plugs into your usb port on a laptop, so my question is do you know how and what kind of information is saved to the floppy from the MR and would I be able the load that floppy info into the DAW via that usb reader and just assign sounds to the track information? I know the sounds would be different than the sounds I used on the MR, but what I’m hoping for is that each instrument’s pattern that I played can be transferred from each floppy.Hoping for the best! If anyone can give me any suggestions I’d truly appreciate it!Thanks for any assistance!