Ensoniq MR 76 as a Controller?

I am NEW to recording & not very tech savvy. I have purchased a Mac mini Recording Studio “in a box” – Mac mini, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, headphones, & condenser mic. This setup is quite fine since I am technically at ‘entry level’ in recording. Everything has been set up nicely, BUT . . . the PROBLEM is using MIDI to connect GarageBand to my Ensoniq MR 76 keyboard/workstation to use as a controller. The MIDI inputs/outputs are on the keyboard, bought the connecting MIDI cable w/USB connection to the Apple brain. But, I cannot figure what SETTINGS to change on the MR 76. The unit still functions well (so far), but the 1 1/2" Manual was not written with external software programs like GB in mind.
It appears that GB has just 1 MIDI reference under Preferences > Audio that merely states that 1 device has been recognized. Thus, no other changes on that end that I’m aware of. But, on the MR 76 there is a “MIDI System” button that allows changes to several settings. Not understanding the musical tech language is a huge barrier & hurdle, thus, I’m flying blind. I have done the trial & error system of changing parameters, but no luck.
I might note that I have successfully plugged in the MR 76 to GB using regular audio inputs, the sound output is good, & I’ve even recorded a number of old arrangements with no problem. So, I know that everything works that way. The downside is I cannot use the MR 76 as a controller to access ANY of the virtual instruments that come w/GB to record with just using audio inputs. I feel like I’ve been shortchanged on that end.
I’ve been told that older keyboards may be ‘fickle’ in that yes, the MIDI connections are there, but it may not really be compatibile with DAW in mind. Thus, no go. If this be the case, & there are no Settings to change, I wonder if there are any ‘work-arounds’ to fool the keyboard . . . ? I know on Windows & EXCEL there are usually more than 1 way to skin a cat.
So . . . is there anybody out there who can help me at all? Thanks a lot . . . RnB

I have no experience with Garage Band, but there should be no problem whatsoever with the MR-76 as a controller. It is not an ‘older’ keyboard as far as MIDI goes - MIDI was quite mature by the time the MR came out, and its MIDI implementation is good.

My guess is the issue is in the GB settings - that is much more complex than the MR end of it. It sounds like you want to trigger virtual instruments in GB, and to do that, the controller (the MR) only needs to send MIDI data - which it pretty much does automatically unless you tell it not to. I don’t know what all needs to be set in GB, but your virtual instruments will need to be set to the same MIDI channel as the MR is sending.

In order to send midi notes to your computer from the MR 76, you must use Soundfinder to select the “MIDI-OUT” voice. Otherwise you can send only audio.