Ensoniq SD-1 32 voice synth

I have an Ensoniq SD-1 32 voice synth.

The screen lights up dimly,
no response to any of my inputs,
no sound,
and two of the fuses on the power board keep blowing.

I am guessing that the power board might need replacing.
However I could us some help in accurate trouble shooting.
(I would like to get it right the first time.)

Does anyone have any experience like this?
Thank you.

John in Hawaii.

It looks like you asked the same question in January, and Sam asked you to disconnect the power supply board from the other circuit boards and test the voltages. Have you done that? I prefer to use a regular meter - not a digital meter - so that I can determine if there is any AC component in the voltages.

I’m looking at a (poor) copy of the schematics. The fuses lie between the secondary stages of the transformer and the voltage regulators, so it is possible for the power supply board to be bad. But a power drain on any board could be enough to blow a fuse. I would even inspect the boards to be sure that nothing could be shorting out any part of the circuit. Which fuses blow?