Ensoniq SD-1 and TS-10 Keybeds Interchangable?

I’ve been repairing and upgrading several Ensoniqs over the last few months and currently have a SD-1 and a TS-10 on the bench. The TS-10 keybed fails calibration. I’ve already inspected and cleaned all of the coils, replaced all of the electrolytic caps and ordered another 74HC238 that may have been fried from a leaky cap, but it won’t arrive for a while. If I ignore the calibration error on the TS-10, a couple of the lower keys on the bottom half will play and quite a few on the upper half will play but they all sound like they are triggering multiple notes. In the meantime, I have an SD-1 with a complicated audio output issue which I have a separate post on and confirmed that keybed is in perfect working condition and has no calibration issues. I know that the VFX through SD-1 keybeds are the same from what I’ve read in the service manual but if I’m unable to repair the SD-1 does anyone know if the SD-1 keybed will work in the TS-10? Thank you in advance!

Hi, I’ve recently repaired my Ensoniq ASR 10 keyboard which was failing keyboard calibration. 1 of the reasons in the service manual manual was bad power supply. After I replaced it’s power supply board that had all new caps and parts was purchased on ebay from a man who knows every Ensonic instrument and is a veteran service tech. If I remember correctly his user name on ebay was synth man. He’s the guy selling used power supplies for ASR 10. I had to purchase from him on ebay for $100. than send my old power supply board to him fully intact. He fully tests them and immediately shios a new one. He also calls :telephone_receiver: his purchaser after receiving the refurbed power supply to see how the installation and board worked out. He can probably help you out if you message him about your issue.

Thanks for the feedback. I figured I’ll compare the coil PCB, KPC version and other chips. If they are the same, chances are it will work. I figure worst case scenario is a blown fuse like when reversing the ribbon cable connector.

usually the connection between the two key beds (there are two sections to the key bed) can break which will make the calibration fail, and then you don’t get poly after touch. It happened to my TS10. THESONIC in California does the repairs - he has a few already fixed so all you have to do is send the old one in, he’ll send out a fixed one. I had fixed mine but it wasn’t all that good a repair, and it take a bit of stripping down to get to the key bed. I have other after touch keyboards that I can use with the synth without the need to play the keyboard itself.
The TS10 does share the same key bed of a series of synths that ensoniq made. If the SD-1 was made at the same time as the TS-10 then they are the same. But at the moment I’m not sure. But do check the connection (its a short ribbon connection if I remember) the stress will cause the solder joints to let go. You will need to phone THESONIC if you want to connect with him - he will not answer his emails. https://www.thesoniq.com/

The connection between the coil boards on the TS-10 has a flexible ribbon cable unlike the solid terminal type connector on the the VFX series, but I usually check that first on any Ensoniq keyboard I work on with calibration issues. I already re-flowed the solder on the ribbon cable connecting the coil boards for the TS-10, but I’ll do a continuity check in there next time to make sure. Thanks and Cheers