Ensoniq SD-1 Capacitor Replacement

What type of capacitor is this, shown on the photo.

Looks like a tantalum

I think its a diode. tantalums sometimes have polarity but this looks like its seen a fair amount of current, and the markings - 22UK is unfamiliar - a cap would be UF or MF. diodes will see more current normally.
it also would be good to find out where this is on the circuit board, if its in the audio section or in the power supply section. schematic would tell you what it is as well.

Yes, it looks like a diode. But it’s a tantalum capacitor. It took me awhile searching until I was sure.

I opened up my SD-1 to find out what I’m looking at. It’s labelled on the silkscreen as C130 just off of U44. The schematics I had were incomplete - No sign of U41 or U44 - but I located a copy of the schematics for the 32 voice main board and found U44 on Page 2. Everything checks out.


No idea about the markings. Mine says 226K. But per the schematics C92 and C130 are both 22uF 16v tantalum bypass caps across the -15A (?) line. There’s a 0.1uf cap in parallel, C116