Ensoniq sound banks

Hi there!
About a month ago I sent this question to the Syntaur sales email but never got a response, so maybe it ended up in a spam filter. I’m interested in the Syntaur SQ set and SQ Master Library which used to be listed here: Ensoniq SQ-1, SQ-2, SQ-R & KS-32 Sounds and Accessories
But I cannot find them on the new shop anymore. Are they still for sale? If they are, would it be possible to send these files electronically rather than via CD-ROM to save shipping / import costs?

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Dear Syntaur staff,
I too would be curious about the Ensoniq SQ Master Library (Part #SQMI), on CD or as a download, if it were to become available again. Thanks for your time.

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Are there any more people who are interested? A reply for Syntaur would be greatly appreciated, even if for some reason you can no longer sell this item it would be good to know that this is the case.

Not sure how often the actual Syntaur staff checks the forum. I’d probably try e-mailing them again if you haven’t. I recently e-mailed them and got a pretty quick response.

Given that I sent three mails in total before trying the forums I don’t have my hopes high unfortunately.

Hi all, just asking… I am interested in Ensoniq EPS sounds if they’re available if anyone knows perhaps also from other sources thank you.