Ensoniq SPM-1 Audio Output Jack

I have an SPM-1 with a broken Left/Mono 1/4" output jack. The “sleeve” contact is missing (see photo).

Part number 4546 looks like the correct replacement part except the photo does not show the metallic ring, which is missing from my broken unit.

I need to confirm that this is the correct part before I order it.

That metallic ring doesn’t necessarily need to be there - the ring contact will still be inside.

However - I’d suggest you remove the jack socket first and look at its solder pin positions - there are different version around on how these are aligned - ie some have the pins in a “column” like near the actual sleeve/ring/tip whereas others have the sleeve at the “sleeve area” and the ring/tip next to each other near the “tip area” - there’s 1001 ways to make a jack socket !!!