Ensoniq SQ-80 keybed kit

Knobtwiddler wrote:
“I’m one of an online group of Ensoniq SQ-80 players and was wondering if it is possible at this point that the “SQ-80 Keyboard Rebuild Kit” might ever be back in stock. I still have clackey keys. Although I did read somewhere where one guy replaced a strip under the key bushings and got a quiet action. So maybe not all hope is lost.”

We get so many requests for these kits - unfortunately, the demand far exceeds the supply. It’s hard to find the correct parts to put these together. We get enough to put one or two together every now and then, and they go onto our site and sell immediately. I keep hoping that one day, we’ll be able to get a good stock of these - or maybe we’ll throw down for the tooling costs and manufacture them ourselves. (We are starting to do that with some other products - but it’s a pretty steep price of admission.) If that ever happens, we’ll sure post about it here!


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Would definitely be interested in this kit x3 if possible.
Just wanted to register my interest in advance so that there is some incentive for the machining and tooling.

+1 on interest in the kit.

Are these plastic parts one could bribe someone into 3D printing, or are they a different version of the rubber replacement bushings?

Since this kit is unavailable, is there perhaps some kind of DIY solution to this problem?

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I’ve read once of someone on another forum shaving off the tops of the bushings and applying a thin layer of piano felt on them to quiet the action. That might be a bit more labor and risk than is acceptable though, since it’s a destructive, non-reversible mod.

I took apart my SQ 80 keybed apart since my last post and came up with something to mitigate the clackiness. I noticed that some keys were clackier than others, so I compared them and noticed that the metal piece that holds that bushing is slightly looser on the louder keys. Apparently the metal piece vibrates whenever you hit the bushing and is the main contributor to the clacking sound. I decided to hot glue gun the metal pieces to the plastic part of the key to dampen the vibrations. It made a big improvement, but it is still louder than your average keybed.

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Even if they are rubbery, you can get 3D printer filament that is rubbery. But no idea how long it would last, depends if you are a firm player or not.

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We finally have a couple of these kits available:

Which would be great but I’ve missed them yet again someone needs to get on this and produce a modern mass produced kit or key bed replacement for these ageing synths :slight_smile: pretty please :pray:t4:

Just some details on how the kit resolves the issue would be good. It’s removal of the felt pads and adding bigger rubber bushes right?

I already contacted Syntaur and asked.

Basically, the view seemed to be that’s proprietary!

So why would Syntar help the community, since they are a business not a charity… that makes sense and since they have been a good company in terms of being honourable about handling sales and the rest of it I have no gripe with that…


I’m going to make it my personal mission to find out exactly how all of this works and post it online for everyone to get for free!

Because, this has gone on for long enough and I’m completely sick of really good synthesisers not being of any use to increasing numbers of people.

I am not interested in exploiting the situation for money or personal gain and I will get to the bottom of it and help everybody I can for free!

I’m going to make it my personal mission to find out exactly how all of this works and post it online for everyone to get for free because I’m sick of really good synthesisers not being of any use to increasing numbers of people.

Anyone who wants to help me is welcome to contact me.

I think community spirit is more important than commercial interests, proprietary knowledge and basically being mean, to me that’s completely antithetical to the entire synthesiser online community spirit and the right to repair movement!

As soon as I work out how to make this work I will post schematics on open source… For people to print their own.

On top of that I will sell kits strictly at cost price to those who don’t have printers :slight_smile:

If Syntaur want to beat me to it, help me, collaborate, compete or just let me get on with it those are all ultimately positive actions that I welcome.

Come on Syntaur, please do something really cool and collaborate with Fatar to create a new poly aftertouch 61 keybed—- you will get all the money back because so many people need one and the R&D will easily be worth it.

Long live the SQ-80’s Poly AT