Ensoniq SQ2 32 voice Repair

Hello, I have been given a broken Ensoniq SQ2 32 voice synth to play if I can fix some burned out components that are beyond reading the values of. I was hoping someone could look at the inside of their machine (SQ1+/Sq2 32 voice) on the main board and tell me what the values are of Q1(transistor),R1,R2,R3,R4 (wire resistors?) and CR1,CR2,CR3,CR4 (diodes)…They are located at the opposite end on the corner from the IC chips. If you pull the back cover off the synth, the main boards right there. Looks like maybe the transistor Q1 blew and cascaded the other components. I’m going to test all the Caps with a ESR meter as well. Can’t understand why Creative didn’t release the schematics to these well built machines when they dissolved Ensoniq after they bought the company for their “Sound blaster sound card”. Anyway, thanks in advance for helping me if you can. Sincerely, Jesse Pearson jwhillbilly@hotmail.com

Well I was able to get a HD pic of the main board and R1 and R4 look like 200 ohm wire resistors w/5 percent tolerance bands. R2 and R3 are 150 ohm wire resistors w/5 percent tolerance bands. I think the diodes are the standard type like 1N4148. So that leaves Q1 as the mystery transistor, once I know that I can try and bring this ole gal back to life…any help on finding out what Q1 transistor is would be greatly appreciated…Thanks

Q1 is a 2SJ110. And you are right: R1 and R4 are indeed 200 ohm, R2 and R3 are 150 ohm.

Hi Sam, thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question so I can go forward with my repair. I guess I’ll replace the resistors with metal film resistors. I’m gonna check all the caps with the ESR meter and replace the electrolytic caps with fresh new ones. Thanks again Sam and have a good one. Catch ya, Jesse Pearson…