Ensoniq SQ80 Power but no Power

Hi I recently purchased an Ensoniq SQ80 in as is condition, It worked for only a few minutes the next time i tried it out it wouldn’t power up or so i thought because on proper inspection i noticed the volume slider/pot producers the faint white noise sound so i know the power is working however no LCD light no volume from keys. Any ideas? Thanks.

Could be that the display is not communicating with the main board. Check the cables and connectors from the display to the main board. If you have a multimeter check all the power supply voltages as per the service manual.

If you see nothing from the display, try pressing various panel buttons and see if a character appears in the display with the different buttons. If so, the display board has lost communication with the main board. I’m betting, though, that a fuse on the power supply board has blown. Check the fuses with a meter or continuity tester (make sure the keyboard is unplugged from the AC first!).

Hi Sam, Yes i already tested and replaced all the fuses and no it’s not the problem and yes i’ve pressed buttons randomly but nothing on the display and no sound other than the white noise on the volume slider, (Which is very faint thankfully) I took it in to be repaired so i’m hoping for the best. Thanks for your help

It still guessing it is a power supply issue - which is typically a fairly simple repair. Good luck!

Hi Sam and PPD, I got my keyboard back from repairs today but i’s not fixed, The repair guy managed to clear the power board as a cause of the problems and the Display itself is fine, So he told it’s either a chip on the main board or some kind of software issue like a driver is corrupted or the like, He did tell me it would be hard to get parts for.

Yeah, that’s a tough one. It would be great to have another SQ-80 handy, to swap boards around and isolate the problem. It sounds likely that it is a main board issue, which will be pretty hard to diagnose and repair.

Thanks for your help