Ensoniq SQ80 Problem

Hi everyone! I have the opportunity to purchase an Ensoniq SQ80 locally for $250 but it has a strange issue…

Specific notes do not work across the entirety of the keyboard

Example, all C notes are out, all Eb notes are out, etc… a total of 6 notes all out consistently across the keyboard.

What is this issue and can it be fixed?
Is this keyboard worth buying or will it require a lot of tlc and repair?

NOTE: I have already advised that the current owner do a factory reset, retune the filter chips, and recalibrate. No change.

Edit I checked and the current OS version
is 1.7

Edit 2 I am meeting the owner with one of my own keyboards and a midi cable to see if the problem still exists when using another keyboard to control the SQ80.


update I have fixed the keyboard! I took it apart and it appears the the ribbon cable connected to the keyboard was bent in a strange way… just repositioned it, put it the keyboard back together, and voila! Works perfectly now!

Hey, that’s great news! Did you unplug and replug the connectors? That may have been more the culprit than a bend in the cable - sometimes those connectors need a fresh start. But if you didn’t even unplug anything, then that’s a new one on me! If so, I’d be a little worried about a possible break in the wire - and if it starts doing the funny business again, you’ll probably want to replace that ribbon cable.

But in any case, I’m glad to hear the SQ-80 is singing again!

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