Ensoniq ts 10 boot disk

hi, i have an ensoniq ts10 but doesn´t turns on, i guess i need a boot disk. somebody knows were to buy it? thank you and sorry about my english.

The TS-10 has the os inside it. I have never needed a boot disk for mine, ever. Wish I had a better answer. But Also , depending on what it does or does not do when you turn it on, It might be as simple as an internal fuse, a faulty power supply, or a disconnected cable on the main board. Do you have a really good electronics tech around? These things are getting a little hard to get some parts for, I would not let just anyone crack it open. I hope it is something simple.
Good luck.

Thank you very much for your answer, nothing when turn on, only a little yellow light between the disk and a little low buzz from the inside, display off.
Somebody told me it boot from a disk

The ASR-10 boots from disk.

The TS-10 has no boot disk - it should turn on, and display programs ready to play. It sounds like yours has an issue with the power supply. You will need to open it up (by removing the bottom panel) and test the fuses on the power supply.

We have some helpful DIY links on our site. To open the TS-10 up:

To check the power supply:

Good luck!