Ensoniq TS-10 Plus Display needed

I’m looking for LCD Display for Ensoniq TS-10 Plus. I try to find it online but I couldn’t.
mostly you can find the Bezel (the vacuum fluorescent ) for TS-10.
Please help me to find the LCD Display or send me an email when its available on this website.

Thanks in advanced

Just to clear up any confusion, the TS-10 uses a vacuum fluorescent display - it is not an LCD. The display itself is soldered onto the display board (the panel board), which is this currently-out-of-stock part:

We don’t sell the display tube itself, because it is a very big job to solder and unsolder it, plus it is a glass part that can be broken if you are not careful.

The bezel is the plastic window that goes over the glass display, to protect it.

We don’t have the display board (part #4198) available very often. If we come across one soon, I’ll try to remember to post back here.

Thank you for responding and the info was really helpful.
And yes whenever it’s available I would like to receive a notice email about it.
Thank you

I thought the same initially, but there was a very late version of the TS-10 called the TS-10 Plus that did have an LCD in place of Ensoniq’s familiar VFD display.

I’m sure that huge VFD display was quite costly and Ensoniq was simply trying to cost-reduce existing products like any company. That’s the same reason you see later versions of the ASR-10 with the purple LCD instead of VFD.

Considering that a custom LCD wouldn’t be nearly as cheap as a common off-the-shelf part I would bet that both of these are, or at least were, available as standard LCD displays.