Ensoniq TS-10 sample playback issues

I just got a TS-10 and am having some issues playing back sampled sounds.

It’s got firmware 3.05, I added an HxC drive and upgraded the memory.

The HxC drive came with a thumbdrive including a bunch of disk images with ASR-10 and EPS16 sounds. I can load the disks without issue, but the sampled sounds can only be played for about 60 seconds before becoming distorted and eventually rebooting the whole synth. Very strange!

Could this be a symptom of bad SIMMS, bad data on the thumbdrive, or something else entirely?

Replying to my own question here; I bought another set of SIMMS from Sampler Zone and the problem was solved. No distortion, crackle, or any other issues, so it looks like I was dealing with bad memory.

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