Ensoniq TS10 Aftertouch repair

Hello gents,

Recently I acquired an Ensoniq TS10 to play around with Polyphonic Aftertouch.
Unfortunately the Aftertouch seems to work mostly on the Black keys. (ranging nicely from 0 to 127).
The white keys respond erratic and max out at about 80. (so, 0-80).

Obviously the seller wouldn’t take it back and accuses me of breaking it myself.
I was wondering if this is something I can repair myself. Or am I doomed to go through expensive repairs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have yet to open up the machine.
I first want to know what I’m up against.

I have solved the problem in the weirdest manner.

Someone suggested I should apply quite some force to the keyboard with the synth turned off.
Then turn it back on. And this actually worked. White keys now go back up to 127 and I didn’t
even have to break my fingers to do it!!!

Now I’m curious… why did this work? :slight_smile:

Why… not everyone reply all at the same time… I’m having a hard time reading through it all… :frowning: