Ensoniq VFX issue - No Sound

After leaving it aside for several months I turned on my VFX yesterday only to find out that it won’t produce any sound anymore. It used to work perfectly. I tried it out with my headphones first and then used the L-R outs into my sound card but still, no sound.

Thinking it might be the keyboard I tried using it remotely, sending MIDI out from my computer but nothing. MIDI still seems to work tho because it would send out a signal to my computer, so no problem there.

I tried a hard reset but no luck there either.

If anyone has any ideas, I’d be happy to hear them.

Thank you!

My first guess is a faulty op amp in the output circuitry. That takes an oscilloscope and some tech skills to track down, so it may be time for a visit to the repair shop.

We have been fooled before, though, by a bad Volume slider. So make sure the slider feels right (not hanging or feeling wonky when you slide it, or not abnormally loose).

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