Ensoniq vfx-sd power supply/voltage converter

hello out there. wondering if anyone could help me with this? ive been using a vfx-sd from the states here in paris with a voltage converter…120 to 220. the keyboard finally died…i bought a back up from someone in the UK a few years ago and guess its finally time to use it. do i need another converter, (UK to French) or can i plug it in directly to the power in my house? as you can see in the attached photo, the american keyboard has this label on the back…the UK keyboard has none.IMG_5524
thanks in advance for your help!

I think you will simply need a different power cable to use the UK model, as the UK and mainland Europe use a different style of power plug. But the mains in both France and the UK are 230V, 50 Hz. So you won’t need any type of converter - just the correct plug to go directly into the wall.