Ensoniq ZR 76 Key Repair

Hi, we’re thinking of buying a second hand Ensoniq, but two of the keys on the keyboard no longer respond well to a soft touch. They play the note at its loudest regardless of the weight with which you press the key.

We’re looking to replace the keys or repair them.

How can we tell which keys were used in its manufacture? (K42W or K29W)

How much would it cost to replace the keys?

How would we go about it? We’re based in South Africa. Do we order parts? or is there a place we can go which specialises with this brand locally?

Welcome to the forum,

Not many places specialize in Ensoniq parts but Syntaur stocks quite a bit. We have a list of parts for the Ensoniq ZR-76 on our website and we ship worldwide.

Also your problem isn’t the key itself but it’s the contact strip beneath the key. We have a blog post discussing key problems if you’d like to read up some more on the topic. Sometimes it’s possible to wash the contact strips to get them playing fine again. If that doesn’t work then replacement is necessary or the problem could be the contact circuit board itself.