Ensoniq ZR 76 or Ensoniq ZR76

Ensoniq ZR 76: Copying or moving presets from one ZR 76 to another ZR 76.
I just replaced my old ZR 76 with a “new” one I bought on Ebay. The owner referred me to this wonderful forum.
My issue: I have scanned the owner’s manual and find that it explains how to load sounds and presets INTO a ZR 76 FROM a floppy disk, but doesn’t explain how to LOAD or COPY sounds, banks, and/or presets ONTO a floppy disk from the keyboard internal sounds and presets, so they can be transferred to another Ensoniq.
I have about 11-12 presets which I almost exclusively use in performing and I can’t use my newer Ensoniq until I can transfer those presets. Most of them are splits, is that a hindrance?
Please help! I am so close, yet so far! If I missed that part on the manual, maybe someone who has a copy can direct me to the right page?
PS I have a box of floppy discs and already formatted the first one. so I am ready to try.