EpS 16 plus Freezing

Good Evening all,

I am reaching out because I just got an EpS 16 secondhand. It looked to be in pretty good condition. I have up date the floppy drive to a usb emulator. I have been able to load up sounds from the emulator without any issues.

Today, though, I thought I’d try sampling. It froze and was unresponsive at least 3 different times. Turning it off and on seemed to fix the issue, except once. One time I turned it off after freezing and when I turned it back on it was still frozen.

Im wondering if anyone has any experience and/ or advice for resolving this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure.Could be overheating. Due the the age of the electronics, they tend to sct like that. Mine started developing static after hearing up, frozen a few times. Had to install flat laptop fan inside. It helped ALOT.

Try to have it on a stand with plenty if room around it for air circulation.

Just to pinpoint the cause better, try to have a fan gently blowing air at it from front(i.e air hitting keybed first) so it can make its way inside.

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