Eps 16 plus Rack version use my mpc to sequence the EPS

Heres how i have it setup.

EPS midi in mode set to MULTI
If it’s like the 16+, edit inst, midi status = midi or external,
Edit track, multi in midi chan = (1-8).
Edit system midi… Basechan pressure= channel or key? Tryed both.
Midi in mode = multi
Midi controllers = on
Midi program change = on
Multi controllers = on

MPC set to a1-a8 on 8 different tracks respectively.
everything else default.

Every track on the MPC plays a different instrument on the EPS. MPC track A1 play EPS instrument 1, MPC track A2 plays EPS instrument 2 and so on. This is what MULTI mode is.say i want to edit sample 4 (on key C1) of instrument 1 of layer 1.
I press EDIT> but when i got to press a key (C1 which is pad 2 on my MPC track A1) the EPS does not receive anything (BUT IT DOES TRIGGER THE SOUND, IT JUST DOESNT SELECT THE SAMPLE FOR ME TO EDIT). I have to put the EPS back to OMNI mode for it to work and then back to MULTI mode because i want to be in MULTI mode.

maybe one can help and sry for my english

i got it!!! i run a old os disk now i am on 1,3 not 1,10 thats was it so nice