ESQ-1 Syntaur Soundsets

I am interested in purchasing some soundsets. However, I only own an ESQ-1 and the page indicates there are no more cartridges available. Only SQ80 disks. Can you consider selling these as downloads so I could just purchase and download and transfer over to my ESQ-1 using MidiOx? If this is already an option and I am just missing it, please let me know how to go about purchasing the downloads.


I second this notion as I also have a Esq-1 that needed the battery replaced, came that way and I have no factory presets. There is an Italian maker that sells cartridges on eBay, one of them is unwritable and contains close to 1000 presets for $130 I believe. He also sells the blank writable carts.

This suggestion makes a lot of sense. We are going to have some discussion on this end about the best way to implement this, and I will post back here soon…


We are now selling the ESQ sound files as ‘downloads’ - actually, until we implement something more automatic, it will be as a file that is emailed to you. Great suggestion guys - thanks!

Awesome! Now I just have to decide which one to buy first!

Interesting, I will need to look into this!
Thanks for the heads up.
Just looked it over on the website. Cool that these are your custom sounds.
Would be nice if you had a video were we could hear them.