Esq-m e2 ram carts

I recently bought an esq-m from a dealer claiming it had no issues. Out of the shipping box I get low battery warning which ticked me off. Did some reading and as a result was able to purchase 2 ensoniq e2 ram carts.
Received the carts today, and both are loaded with different patches.
As you do not have to load the cart by hitting a soft button as on the VFX, I dont know if the first 40 patches from the factory are on each cart or if they simply show as you use the slider to move easily from patch 1-120?

I dont want to lose anything on either cart, so if not on each cart already, will I be able to save the 40 factory patches and setting to either of the carts without losing what is already on them?

If not I may as well buy the new battery install it and throw in the latest update chip afterwards, as Im gonna lose that anyway without saving?