Fantom G8 keyboard

My Fantom G8 keyboard LCD is not displaying anything, it is just white(it is only the bulb that is on in the LCD), but the LCD is good. What should I do to restore it?.
Thanks in advance for your positive response.

If your not seeing anything on your LCD display it’s not good. The backlight may still light up but no graphics indicates a dead LCD. I’ve changed a bunch of dead LCD displays… Roland MC 909, Akai MPC 60 MKII, Akai S950, Akai MPC 2000 & 5000, Tascam DM 3200. All of them had a bright backlight but no graphics. Try to find out what brand LCD your Roland Fantom G is using by opening up the the keyboard case. Make sure that when you do this to first unplug the keyboard power cable from your wall or power conditioner. Open the machine and unscrew it’s display. There are probably 4 or 6 screws to remove and also a jumper cable that connect the display to thd other internal pc board. It’s also best to use rubber gloves like dish washing gloves to avoid any static electric from your fingers. The LCD specifications are very important. Find out it’s size and pixels. Once you find the replacement it’s simple to reinstall. Just make sure all the specs of the new LCD match the original. That machine is fairly new so it should be easy to find a replacement. Good luck and take your time.

Thanks, I appreciate.

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