Flat Flex Cable for Grand Piano


I am searching for FFC cables of a Yamaha DGX - 620/ YPG - 625
Portable Grand piano.

5 of these Flat Flex Cable
58mm 12P
118mm 15P
77mm 19P
122mm 14P
358mm 27P

Thank you in advance!!!


hi you might try Digikey or Mouser Electronics> just make sure the cables come with stiffeners ( that little blue plastic tab that probably fell off ) , the correct length (mm), and the correct pitch (distance between each conductors center) Here is a quick fomula:
Cable width 5mm, number of contacts 9. Take the 5mm and divide by the number of contacts (9 +1) this will equal 0.5mm (pitch) .
Good luck!

Hey PCM,
Thank you the tip. I will contact them.