Free Yamaha P250 that needs power transformer

Yamaha P250 -
About 15 years old. Always performed very well until power transformer died 2 weeks ago.
Unable to find another transformer for it.
If anyone can use it for parts, you may have it free. I hate to just trash the beautiful little thing.
Greg in Ohio

I would LOVE to have the P250 if you were able to ship it. I would pay for your shipping costs and for your trouble… I have a niece that I’m trying to nurture a love for music with, and it would be great! Otherwise, what part of Ohio?! I’m in Western Maryland… maybe I need to make a road trip if it’s not TOO far!

And yes… I know I made it sound like I expect it to work… but I understand it’s broken and I may have to totally build a frankenstein power supply for it… I’m up for the attempt… I’ve got tons of vintage electronics around here…

Put me second in line for Yamaha if Steve cannot make it happen. Love working on and playing the Yamahas. Thanks…Tony

Hi Greg,
Jay Palmer here.
Did anyone grab the P250 yet?
I’m in LA but will be flying back to Detroit end of August (2022) and then driving on to Pittsburg PA Sept 6. I could easily pick up in Ohio.
For sure, I need a Main Board and possibly an MA60 Power Supply Board.
I can be reached at 818-730-1369