GEM General Music Equinox Screen issue

Hi all, I just bought a GEM/General Music Equinox Pro 88 at an estate sale. It’s in pretty good shape, weighs a TON, and was only $50. It turns on, lights up, puts out great sounds - but the lit control screen is blank. Any idea of what I might do? I’m able to turn the dial and get various sounds and adjust parameters with the slide controllers. But I’m flying blind.
Btw, I am one of those guitar players who loves synth sounds - thanks in advance for excusing my ignorance on terms and anything technical.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Did you try adjusting the contrast knob? I’d open it next and inspect/wiggle/reseat some relevant cables and connectors. Looks like both user guide and service manuals are available if you’re up for the hands-on process of debugging it.

Papashark! Thanks a million. I’m a dummy. It was the contrast knob. Hadn’t even noticed that knob. SMH. Glad I didn’t try to mess with the internal electronics. This forum is so helpful !

Glad to help, sounds like you got a great deal after all!