GEM General Music Equinox Screen issue

Hi all, I just bought a GEM/General Music Equinox Pro 88 at an estate sale. It’s in pretty good shape, weighs a TON, and was only $50. It turns on, lights up, puts out great sounds - but the lit control screen is blank. Any idea of what I might do? I’m able to turn the dial and get various sounds and adjust parameters with the slide controllers. But I’m flying blind.
Btw, I am one of those guitar players who loves synth sounds - thanks in advance for excusing my ignorance on terms and anything technical.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Did you try adjusting the contrast knob? I’d open it next and inspect/wiggle/reseat some relevant cables and connectors. Looks like both user guide and service manuals are available if you’re up for the hands-on process of debugging it.

Papashark! Thanks a million. I’m a dummy. It was the contrast knob. Hadn’t even noticed that knob. SMH. Glad I didn’t try to mess with the internal electronics. This forum is so helpful !

Glad to help, sounds like you got a great deal after all!

Congrats on snagging the GEM/General Music Equinox Pro 88!

That’s quite a find for $50. For the blank control screen, it could be a simple fix like a loose connection or a more complex issue with the display itself. Since you’re still able to navigate and adjust sounds, it sounds like the core functionality is intact.

You might want to try checking the connections or consulting a local technician if the issue persists.