Grease for Casio Previa keys

Do you sell the white grease found on the Casio Previa mechanism ?. I am sure other Electronic Pianos with weighted keys used the same kind of grease.

Victor Martinez

We don’t sell any grease. Different manufacturers use different greases, and I’m not sure what Casio uses.

Sam , thanks for the reply.
Anyone have an idea which grease should I used for my Casio Privia 100px?

Not sure if it will help but I had a Viscount organ that had sticky keys that I just used ordinary lithium grease on and it worked great.

Thanks Ghastly. Which brand did you used? I read about lithium grease before but someone point out in another forum that it might not be that good for rubber. The area which I need the grease is between the plastic keys and a rubber contraction that makes up the mechanism.

I bought some grease intended for rubber for did not used it becuase its feel to sticky (high viscosity) . The white grease in my Casio electric piano is more fluid.

I can’t remember what brand of lithium grease I used, probably just something bought at Canadian Tire. You might want to try out the grease on just the uppermost C key before greasing the entire keyboard just to make sure it works and doesn’t damage the mechanism.

Yamaha makes a good key guide grease, contact a Yamaha dealer they should be able to get some for you, they use it on all clavinovas and synths.