Hammond XK-3 replacement circuit board

Hi, I have a hammond XK-3 organ, the left control cluster (volume, overdrive, lcd display, bank selection buttons) are all haywire, and the stereo outputs only work on left channel - main output and headhphones.
All these parts are controlled on one circuit board, and it has a crack in it.
circuit board = SWH-503A.

A local shop tried to repair the crack in the board, didn’t work. Actually made it worse… I’m trying to find a replacement circuit board, and hammond electronic parts seem non-existent on the internet, as impossible as that sounds.

Any ideas where I might find a resource for hammond clonewheel used parts? Specifically XK-3 or XK-3C.


I thought I’d take a look but came up dry too. Worse yet is that they’re all too expensive to buy a whole unit for parts.

I’m trying to figure out how they could have made the board worse. It should have been simple enough to bridge the traces or else run a few wires to bypass them. As long as the board is still intact, it should be possible to undo their damage.

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Yeah, he did some sloppy soldering and bridged some points that should not have been touching, went crazy with a hot glue gun, it looks really bad. And now other stuff is malfunctioning due to the solder slop. I don’t have a lot of confidence they can make it better, if I can find a replacement board I’ll just replace it myself.

Hot glue gun? Oh my… It doesn’t sound like they usually work with electronics. That should only be used for tacking down loose wiring… and sparingly. Any chance you can remove it without ruining the board further?

I’m working on a guitar pedal that was possessed. I have no idea what was wrong with it before, but when someone took it apart they must have broken the encoder knob. They ‘fixed’ it by soldering two of the pins together and ground, and ran a ground lead to the outside of the case. It did nothing other than run through settings. It works now that I removed it, but I’m not very confident in their other repairs. Looks like an army of spiders marching across the circuit board.

At least I’m not dealing with glue. I wonder if that stuff is conductive.