Help fixing electric piano Casio Privia PX830 keyboard

I’ve broken my digital piano, I suspect the FFC cables or sockets. I found a replacement for the main PCB I can try but it’s $$$ and I’m worried that the ribbon cables are also no good, and possibly the sockets on the keyboard PCBs (botched disassembly). Any advice for where to buy the right cables and sockets and for soldering these things? The cables are a 20 and a 30 pin .5 pitch Tung Hing E118147. Thanks for any help!

If you haven’t already, call PacParts to see if the FFC is available. They are the Casio parts distributor. Why do you believe the connectors are bad?

Thanks for your response! Seems like pacparts isn’t open today, can’t seem to get through. The keys don’t make noise when I press them, although the piano turns on, lights up, metronome works, volume control is good. So I think it is a connection problem between the main board and keyboard PCBs since I disassembled the piano without knowing what I was doing and pulled out the ribbon cables without undoing the latch on the socket, clearly damaging the ends of the cables and breaking the latch off of the socket on the main board. I tried to trim and refinish the connections on the ribbon cables but I’m not confident I did it well enough. I don’t see any other damage and everything else appears to have a good connection.

Managed to get through to them, they have the ribbon cables but not the sockets, so I can get the cables and main board and hopefully that would solve my problem. I would like to try to save myself a lot of money and buy the sockets and solder them myself to the main board I have now, any ideas where I can find those?

Hi Chantelle
Send me a pic of all connectors and I’ll get back with you

You might seriously consider a new DM

Sorry, main board. The symptoms you describe could very well be a bad IC or other crucial components that, in my opinion, would save you a lot of misery and disappointment.

Google Photos

This is the main PCB. The 20 pin connector latch is missing.

Google Photos

These are on the keyboard PCBs

Another thing to consider is that this could be a bad power supply or amp board. Whatever board is the culprit, these boards can normally be returned for credit in undamaged condition

OK run the DEMO sounds - if the DEMO sounds work then most probably all is OK except for the keyboard - I haven’t got the PX-830 Service Manual (only PX-850) but they are very similar

Now - what CASIO are doing is not to my liking really; the inputs from the keyboard, the connector you broke, go straight to the main CPU chip (the yellow line) - no buffering in between…

So - measure with a volt meter the lines - they all should be scanning - so approx the same value - not fully ground or fully VCC. If one is stuck then that is the end of it.

BTW - I may be able to get a connector off a bad board for you - if you are keen !!