Help. How to remove keys from opened Korg KROSS2 61 synth

I received my ordered replacement part white keys for Korg KROSS2 61 synth yesterday. I opened the synth plastic case, separating the bottom half, and exposing the circuit boards. I can not discover how to expose the keys mechanics for replacement. See image here:!AN15uqiTekv6QRc&cid=60D8A5FFFE950D88&id=60D8A5FFFE950D88!21403&parId=60D8A5FFFE950D88!21402&o=OneUp

I lifted 1 of the 2 key contacts PCBs and saw the silicon(?) switch contact pressure cups, and reinstalled the board. There was no way to see or touch the plastic keys under there. I have removed the 4 internal screws on both sides of that center raised plastic platform that those PCBs are attached to which runs under the keys. I can not discover how to loosen or remove that. Neither can the keyboard be lifted or removed from the outside top of the case half. PLEASE HELP. HOW do I expose or remove the white keys for part replacement?

Also, Korg sites say that a repair manual for this KROSS2 synth (as all their current synths) is ONLY available to registered, authorized service shops/dealers. Can anyone either supply or sell me a REPAIR MANUAL please for the KROSS2 61 key instrument? Thanks.

The service manual does not, unfortunately, give any instructions on removing the keybed - it does show an exploded diagram of all the major parts, but nothing that really helps in disassembly. But you will need to remove the entire keybed, and it is somehow attached to the top panel. So at this point, I would look for screws that attach the keybed chassis to the top panel - they will likely be around its periphery, and going up from the bottom.

Once the keybed assembly is removed, you will find screws (from the top down) that hold each octave of keys in place on the keybed chassis.

Success. It required brighter lighting and closer scrutiny to find the hiding screws. They were small black ones deep down in little recessed wells in the black case. No contrast in color or shade. However there were none under any pcbs. One was partially covered by a group of wires though that was easily movable. Image BELOW

Am I the only one who has long wished for high contrast colors in screws vs. cases, as well as all imprinted lettering in molded plastic? :eyes:
Oh BTW, once the keybed chassis is loose and turned upright to access the keys, note that each octave cluster is fastened to it by the top where only 3 of 4 screw holes are actually used. If like me, you don’t notice that one hole remains unused, then when you are screwing them back on, you might panic thinking you magically lost one of those little buggers! 🪲
Thanks again @Sam.!AogNlf7_pdhggacd8N-AhgyE15DTog