HELP! Looking for Yamaha P-250 Power Transformer


Finally it happened…My beloved P-250 died today…I cannot turn it on, I double checked fuses and connectors - everything looks good. Maybe there is something on fuses assembly (spiral part in small plastic square), power switch or something with MA60 power assembly board.

I need 240V (European)power transfomer for my P-250. Original part number is:

XQ431 (E) B0 DS 07M SMD 12

I attached a photo of this part.

Any information will be helpful. Thank You for attention!

best regards


Dear Rafal.
Does the transformer smell like burned?
Did you measured the output voltage?
Have you done something wrong with the input voltage?
I never heard about a burned tranformer! But who knows!
Best regards.


No, probably transformer is ok, but Power Supply Board can be faulty. Strange thing is that every fuses are in good condition (!!!), so it looks like some of the condensers or power stabilization is dead.

Will check it, but I’m not a pro technician/service guy, I can repair my analogs on my own, but this baby is digital…

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So, it looks like the OMRON G5Z-2A relay is damaged - when I shake it delicately, there is something moving inside. I have found those relays here in Poland. I’m going to replace it soon, so I will tell You what is goin on. I hope it is only that small part…This part costs maybe 6$…


Hi Everyone,

It is a shame for me to write about it, but. it happens.from time to time…Finally I repaired my P-250 piano and it works :wink:
Why it is a shame for me? Let’s explain…

On the Power Supply board there are three fuses - 3x T5AL 250V slow-blow fuses. I was checking three times those fuses, but only visually…So when I used gauge/electronic meter, I have found one bad/blown fuse…

What’s the moral of the story?


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