Help! Save my beloved kurzweil k2000!

After moving studios my kurzweil k2000 will no longer boot. Was kept safe and never got banged around in storage
Now when I plug it in and try to start it tries to power up and gets as far as the floppy drive but nothing else lights up. I replaced the batteries and cleaned the battery terminals, no luck
Can anyone help me diagnose and fix the problem? I’ll try and post a video tonight of the startup failure. Please any help would be appreciated.

Since nothing else (other than the drive) seems to be coming to life, I would start by verifying that the audio/power board is putting out the correct voltages. I’m not familiar enough with the K2000 to know if the circuit board shows what voltages should be showing up at certain places, but I’m guessing you will need a service manual (and maybe a technician) to get serious about this. Most keyboards (but not the K2000) have a separate power supply board that makes this sort of diagnosis easier.

I think the tiny door right next to the AC socket contains a fuse or two - open that up first, and make sure any fuses are good.

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I havent had the chance to open the kurzweil yet although I have powered it up a several times since we switched studios. On some ocasions other lights have powered on as well as the lcd, but only momentarily before going dark again. I am no expert at electronics repair but I have tinkered on things over the years. I’m going to download the service manual also went ahead and bought a floppy usb emulator and some contact cleaner I plan on replacing the fuses though they look functional. I’ll post with updates and possibly more video. Also I have experienced a similar problem in home pcs where the memory was not reading correctly so Ill clean and reinstall them to be on the safe side.

Ok updatenin the k2000s. I have cleaned and check every connection with electronics cleaner as well as the memory upon and the memorynslots. closer inspection the battery compartments terminals were corroding as well as the connection they make to the board. I have sincest cleaned and recleaned. I had some great advice to start with a multimeter and check the power supply first, sadly mine has came up missing. I do have a hot or cold tester and all wires did test for a signal. Now as for my progress I have power to my screen, no data though. Power supply fan is now working smoothly. Upon startup all lights now come on aND blink 3 times before it becomes non responsive. I found a loose transistor that I believe may be the cause of my trouble and I’m going to try and order a replacement to see if that will fix it. Also does anyone know how many fuses are in a k2000s? I only have 1 in the fuse compartment?

How did it go?
I’ve always been interested in the k2000’s sampling abilities.
How do you like it?
Hope you get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

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I picked up a repaired Kurzweil K2500X cheap after a friend fixed what a pro shop had done to it. The Power Supply in the K2500X was dead, and it was easier to buy a new one (30 bucks) than to repair the old power supply.

Link to the repair that it underwent here if anyone is interested in seeing inside a Kurzweil

Enjoying your youtube channel which led me here.

Thanks and greeting for Manchester, England.

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I’m still working on the k2000 but I have tested the power supply as working do I do believe that wasnt the issue. Now as far as the battery compartment and the lead wires from them were absolutely corroded when I got to working on it so that mayou have contributed. And yes the k2000 is a beautiful synth you could spend a lifetime working with it and still find new tricks lol. Would I recommend one yes absolutely but as so many of us are finding out the kurzweil company no longer supports this synth. So we are having to scavenge parts and cannibalize to keep them working. Oh and from what I have heard over and over is buy the k2500 instead. I’ve never used one but it’s basically the samenkeybpard only updated.

Oh and slugalize I have actually wached your video as well when looking for repair tips. How’s the 2500? Anybody else have any tips and suggestions? Imy actually very excited about finding a fix now all I need is a transister and a prayer

Jennifer Hruska on a K2000 <3<3`

i had a similar failure and in my case the large capacitor on the power supply board had failed so i replaced it and it has been mostly smooth sailing since

aye i would absolutely recapped the capacitors on that old power supply a cheap fix.