Help sourcing Casio MT-400V potentiometer


I have a Casio MT-400V with an electrically broken 50kb linear slide potentiometer (the filter cutoff, kinda important!).
The Syntaur store has a potentiometer that is brand new and of the exact size and footprint I need (part# 4005):

But this is the wrong resistance value.
I am wondering if anyone can identify the manufacturer or better yet the line of potentiometers and if it is possible to source other values from the same place that Syntaur managed to find these 10kb pots new from. Digikey is flat out of anything close to these things.

Thank you for any help!
(Edit: Or if Syntaur can source them I’ll buy them through you guys, of course! :slight_smile: )


This slide pot has the same pin configuration, and is a 50KB pot with 30mm travel:

The shaft is a little different, so I’m not sure if it will be the perfect fit in that regard. It has a 20mm shaft, with a tapered end. If you need it shorter, it is easy to cut with wire cutters, and you can also file it a bit if you need to make the top narrower to fit the slider knob.

I’d love to know the outcome!


That’s great! I might just swap out the shaft of the old pot with the shaft on that pot! Thank you very much :slight_smile: