How to Clean the Drumtraks Buttons?

Drumtraks … Once I get the button caps off (and I have and can now see the plunger) the Save/Load/Song/Pattern/Tempo/Enter how do I clean them? I’ll get to the numeric keypad buttons too because they also only respond intermittently.

My question: is there a product I can spray into the buttons to clean them; maybe they’re not up to snuff because they are dirty or whatever?


The best thing to clean old contacts on a vintage synth or druum machine is rubbing alcohol and Q tips. Dip the Q tip into the rubbing alcohol and swipe the contacts on the pc board with the Q tips. You will be surprised how filthy the contacts are from the amount of dust and dirt on each side of the Q tip. Rub the Q tip lightly against the contacts and change to a new Q tip very often. After they’re clean no dirt will show up on a new Q tip. Let it dry for 24 hours and also don’t over wet each Q tip… they only need to be damp. I recently cleaned my Ensoniq ASR 10 keyboard contacts. They came out great and they were as dusty looking as a hairy cat :cat2:. This will solve your problem of intermittent triggers. The button will no longer be arguing with years of dust and grime and should function like new. I also resored an Alesis MMT 8 with this method. It’s buttons were intermittent until I cleaned it’s contacts. Now like brand new. Good luck, take your time and use rubber gloves to avoid static disharge to internal components. Also make sure it’s power cord is not plugged into a wall. Enjoy!!