How to clean Up Power Switch on Yamaha Psr sx700

Hi all,
I have some issue trying to power on my Yamaha Psr SX 700. It works only when I try many times. Can you show me how to clean up the power switch please.

other users on the internet have reported similar problems, and its not the switch, its a safety circuit preventing the unit from turning on. You will have to take it to a Yamaha service center to find out why.

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The power switch is still working. Only problem is it hard to turn on, sometime I have to press 4 or 5 times to power it up.

Then unplug the unit, wait for the capacitors to discharge, disconnect the wires going to the switch, remove the switch from the unit.

There switch is usually a metal frame with tabs that you have to bend to disassemble the switch. If the switch is welded plastic, then you can only replace the switch.

It’s likely to be the “switch” contacts since it works intermittently. You’ll need to disassemble it and remove the panel board that the switch is on. Both halves of the switch (the grey graphite material) can be cleaned with a pencil eraser and a cotton swab and alcohol.