How to fix my Roland SH-32 output potentiometer

My output potentiometer is dead. Can I fix it alone even if I’m a total newb? The card is also damaged

I would think yes you can fix this. I can’t speak to the card damage. It’s looks like a very minor crack from an overtightened screw in what looks like a fortunately good place (doesn’t look like anything important there), but I do NOT know this unit well. The part you need is available on I would assume it’s the output potentiometer. Hard to tell from your photo.

Watch some videos on desoldering tips on YouTube. I would post links, but apparently the system won’t allow me. Specifically, find some that show you how to easily remove multiple pins in close proximity by adding a ton of solder to them, so the part just falls out.


  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • desoldering braid
  • needle nose plyers
  • patience


If it’s just a very minor crack in a non-useful part of the board, you can reinforce with a resin repair kit. Cures quickly in a black light, or VERY slowly in the sunshine. Or even just some good glue. Keep glue away from the screw hole.

(search for Ouwinway 2-pack UV Solder Mask Ink on Amazon, I can’t post the link here)

The hardest part will be soldering those 5 pins that are close together (if indeed that’s the right part).

Perhaps seek other opinions, but maybe some of this is helpful to you.


It’s about time these units are dying off. iirc they were made ‘affordable’. would not doubt if the caps are about to pop as well. Further pots will end up going. Unless you want to practice soldiering/de-soldering on some dead vcr’s. I’d take / send it in to be serviced at a shop. They will fix the issues and deoxit the pots and faders, replace battery, etc.