How to repair the power button (E-MU MK 6)

The power button of my keyboard E-MU MK 6 (Mo’Phatt Keys) is broken… So, I can’t switch it on anymore…
Does someone know how I can fix it ?
Many thanks in advance for your help !

simply replace the switch! It has to be done from the inside ,will involve soldering IF you can find the correct switch, which is probably the same on alot of synths ,not just E-mu I bet. Parts like these were sourced out…If you cant find the correct switch, which might even have a number on the inside ,then a site like mouser or digi-key will have a generic one you will have to mod the existing hole or add another. As for right now,use something non conductive and not sharp and it may be possible to just push in on the guts of the button and power it up. It looks like only the " shell" of the button broke… I could do the repair, but I bet you are not anywhere near the Southern USA