HPF Slider replacement for JUNO 106


Hello there !
I’m looking desperately (every month) if eventually there will be an HPF Slider available for sale on syntaur… but with no luck for the moment.

Is there any replacement slider with 4 positions, even with a different look, which can do the job ?
I’ve heard about a replacement part produce by analogue renaissance, but nothing have surface yet.

Thank you for your reply.
Kind regards from France.


The original 4-position slide switch is long out of production from Alps. We have no good alternative for this right now.

In the red Juno-107 we built, the prototype Analogue Renaissance lighted-slider board has a slide pot that is set up to replace this switch, but it requires additional circuitry that is part of that board. It’s possible that we may be able to work with AR to develop a replacement HPF switch based on that.


Sam, thank you for your reply.
Fingers crossed for a replacement HPF switch development.



Here’s a replacement method.


Thank you ! I have contacted them for an international order.


Hi, how did the install go with this? Is the slider noticeablely different? I’m thinking of getting one if these to have in reserve should my repaired HPF switch eventually fail.


Syntaur actually sells the RetroLinear kits now:


Thanks - I’ll find a few items to buy simultaneously as the intl. shipping is quite expensive.