I have a problam with velocity F#3

When I play, one note comes out with not constant velocity.
When I record in MIDI, the velocity is often set to 127.
What part do I need and How can I fix it?

When I check your site, there are 4 kind of black key part.
Which one should I order for F#3?
Please, Let me have answere.

Thank you so much.

You haven’t specified which keyboard you have, but it sounds like a contact strip issue. Most rubber contact strips have a ‘bubble’ per key, and that bubble contains two carbon nubs at different heights. When a key is pressed, the velocity is sensed by measuring the time between when each of those carbon nubs makes contact on the circuit board. When a contact strip begins to fail (or gets dirty), one of those nubs is not sensed correctly, and the keyboard interprets that as maximum velocity.

Replacing the contact strip usually fixes the problem (the carbon nubs lose their conductivity over time).

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Thank you for your replying.
Mine is Korg Krome 88 key.
So do you think if I change this item, it might be good?

(Part #2977)
I don’t have to change this one. Right?

(Part #6595)
Please give me a answer.
Thank you so much.

Yes, that’s right. And you do not need to change the hammer weight.

When you remove the old contact strip from the circuit board, you can also clean the contacts on the board with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. Let the alcohol dry, then install the new contact strip.